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A technique used to estimate the probability of portfolio losses based on the statistical analysis of historical price trends and volatilities.

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Often a value stock is one with a low price-to-book value ratio. . Typically the company invests premiums in common stocks, so variable life policies are referred .

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The investment variable consists of expenditures on capital goods and is therefore . is an estimate of the ratio of total nominal market value of nonfinancial .

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Is this a better or worse investment compared with others? . For example, if the VAR value is $800, then you can assume that it is 95% certain that the portfolio .

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Profitability index is the ratio between PV of Future Cash Values and Initial Investment Profitability index (PI), also known as profit investment ratio (PIR) and .

Leverage and Balance Sheet Management: Reserve Ratios and VaR
Jan 26, 2012 . Leverage and Balance Sheet Management: Reserve Ratios and VaR . To this effect I consider the Value at Risk (VaR) model of asset .

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How to calculate the value added ratio | Calculation | Formula | Example. . The value added ratio (VAR) is the time spent adding value to a product or service . By doing so, applicants can show how an investment will change the value added .

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About employing value at risk (VaR) in an investment management context . Active managers probably ought to maximize the information ratio .

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Investment Risk/Reward: This section will show you how different stock . VaR Ratio: This ratio is the Time Value divided by the VaR (value at risk) for each .

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This publication is the property of Western Asset Management Company and is intended . risk management of a fund's portfolio: the Commitment Approach and the VaR (Value-at-Risk) . The relative approach uses a ratio of up to 200% be- .

Value at Risk (VaR) Definition
Value at risk (VaR) is one of the most commonly used measurements of . Value at risk, or VaR, is a means of measuring the amount of financial risk present in a specific investment, typically a single . Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio .

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“We'll GUARANTEE you a 25% return of your investment!” – Tom and Ray . We will focus on what is known as the Value-at-Risk (VaR) approach. 13-23 .

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In theory, the measure of investment opportunities is the present value of expected . capital,3 IKB is the investment to capital ratio, which is our main variable of .

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This annuity profile of VVA-Diversified Value provides details such as the portfolio objective, initial minimum investment, average annual total returns, style, expense ratio, and . You can also learn who should invest in this annuity portfolio.

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May 24, 2012 . Another useful tool I recommend is Value at Risk (or VaR). Value at Risk calculates the maximum loss expected (or worst case scenario) on an investment , . The Sharpe ratio is used to characterize how well the return of an .

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. generation of VUL policies have a wide variety of sub-accounts for the policy owner to allocate their cash surrender values .

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Developing Front-Office Investment Portfolio Risk Controls at asset management firms. ? Developing Extreme Tail Loss / Conditional VaR (Value at Risk) Models. . Treynor Ratio, Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Omega Ratio, Extreme Tail Loss, .

Applying Stress-Testing On Value at Risk (VaR) Methodologies
Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 4/2004. 62 . From a conceptual point of view, Value at Risk (VaR) needs to be defined . Ratio VeR/ EaR .

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Value at risk (VAR) is a useful tool for anyone looking to quantify the risk of a particular project or investment opportunity by measuring the potential loss that .

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Risk Is More Than Standard Deviation
Most important, how should an investor in hedge funds use the various ways of . Another risk measure that is commonly used is the Sharpe Ratio, also shown in . losses, either Value at Risk (VaR) and/or drawdown are important measures.

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undertook by the entire investment portfolio. VaR. (Value-at-Risk) is a model of fruitful finance . opening of the period and R expresses the returns ratio, then .

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Amongst them is Incremental VaR, which is used to identify the risk . effectively ( meaning, a good ratio of accuracy vs. time), and therefore time should not be an issue. . 1Value-at-Risk: An Overview of Analytical VaR, J.P. Morgan Investment .

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Aug 27, 2012 . forEach(accessors, function(value) { var ratio = dojo.trim( value.get(). investmentCategory ); if (ratio === "" || isNaN(ratio) || ratio < 0) { var .

Earnings Per Share (EPS) Definition | Investopedia
5 Must-Have Metrics For Value Investors. These quick-and-dirty ratios will help you find the most undervalued stocks on the market.

Analyzing portfolios based on tail dependence coefficients
We present the investment ratio function of value-at-risk of portfolio, and use the tail . of portfolio value and the curve of portfolio value-at-risk to analyze investment ratio. . copula , portfolio , tail dependence coefficient , value-at-risk ( VaR) .

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portfolio Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Tail-Value-at-Risk (T-VaR). . The higher the value of the latter ratio, the greater the portion of the investment portfolio .

Measures of risk - Value at Risk
Value at Risk (VaR) is defined as the amount which, over a predefined . and insurance companies to give some feel for the riskiness of an investment strategy . . to find a portfolio that minimizes the ratio of VaR to mean return the analyst can .

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Mar 31, 2012 . Information Ratio may be used to rank investments in a relative fashion. . nent VaR, the Component VaR value for each element of the .

Liability-Driven Investing: Risk Metrics and Strategy Evaluation
played a significant role in the pension investment process. This has been . error, and 3) Value at Risk (VaR). . The hedge ratio is a measure of the impact of a .

Value Investing Definition | Investopedia
Value investors actively seek stocks of companies that they believe the market . with lower-than-average price-to-book or price-to-earnings ratios and/or high .

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Keywords: systemic risk; leverage; VaR; asset pricing; balance sheets; . A key message has been the pro-cyclicality of leverage and value-at-risk (VaR ) . I then develop a case study comparison of two investment banks, Bear Stearns . I graph in Figure 2 the leverage ratios, measured as the ratio of assets to shareholder .

May 14, 2012 . Effectively JPM was long investment grade credit and short HY credit. . quarter and contributed to a widening in the ratio between investment-grade . how it calculates so-called value at risk, or VAR, a measure of how much .

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D/(D+E), This is the market value estimate of the debt ratio, obtained by . For the sector as a whole, we compute this using cumulated values for each variable . by dividing the after-tax operating income by the book value of invested capital.

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such as Jensen measure, Treynor ratio and Excess return on VaR (Value at Risk) etc at different investment horizons and compare the relative rankings of other .